Based in Brussels, close to the European financial markets, S4B is a consultancy company experienced in supplying automatic reconciliation solutions.

Strong of their businness and technical 30 years experience in the development of financial information systems, BSC identified that all the reconciliation problems are managed as standard procedure, approached individually. This has as a result a multitude of indepedent reconciliation tools, not related and without anycommunication between the different teams managing them. Indeed, the controls are complex and must meet needs and requirements that are specific to your organization, specific to your business, specific to your architecture.

Developed along the lines of Business Activity Monitoring/Business Process Management principles, XMS is STP oriented. It is the key to automating all transaction and business processes. XMS releases you from repetitive tasks, eliminates manual processes and mitigates risk, thus increasing efficiency and reliability.

With its open architecture, XMS is capable of handling all your transaction types, and its flexibility allows for adaptation to your detailed specific needs. XMS is a unique, comprehensive and completely customizable solution. A solution that adapts to your transactions and business processes, your systems architecture and your budget.

Everyday your systems processes thousands of financial transactions.

Everyday you have to vouch for their reliability both internally and externally.

XMS - eXtensible Matching System is the most complete tool for integration, processing, analysis and control, reconciliation and reporting.

100% scalable to your business processes and 100% compatible with your systems infrastructure.


Work smarter not harder : IMPLEMENT XMS & SAVE MONEY !